Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)

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1. Fellow Malaysians are advised to register with the Embassy of Malaysia, Manila before/upon arrival in the Republic of the Philippines.


2. For those who intends to stay for longer duration, you are advised to drop by to the Embassy and fill-up the registration form. However, if you are staying out of Manila, it is sufficient to register by email.


3. For those who are here in the Philippines for vacation, You are advised to drop an email or may call the Embassy upon arrival in the Republic of the Philippines. 


4. Information required are as follows:

-Passport number
-Current address in the Philippines

-Philippines Contact Number

-Current address in Malaysia

-Contact Person and their number in Malaysia
-Date of arrival
-Expected Date of departure

-Purpose of the visit



*** The registration will be processed by the Mission.