Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)

For registration of Malaysian residing in Poland and Lithuania, appreciate it if you could fill up template A or template B as follows based on your current status in Poland or Lithuania and email back to us at

Template A : Mandatory to fill in if you are currently working full time OR unemployed but living in Poland/Lithuania with your spouse

Full Name:
IC number:
Telephone number in Poland/Lithuania:
Address in Poland/Lithuania:
Status : Married/Single
Name of Employer: 

Year of Arrival in Poland/Lithuania:
Length of stay in Poland/Lithuania:
Name next of kin in Malaysia:
Relationship with next of kin:
Telephone number of next of kin:
Address next of kin in Malaysia:

Template B: Mandatory to fill in if you are a full time student in  Poland/Lithuania

Nama Penuh Pelajar :
No. Kad Pengenalan :
No. Telefon di Poland:
Alamat di Poland :
Negeri Asal:
Nama Waris (Next of kin):
Hubungan Waris dengan Pelajar:
Alamat waris di Malaysia:
No. telefon waris:
Nama Universiti di Poland:
Bidang Pengajian (Field of Study):
Peringkat Pengajian: Undergraduate/Master/PHD
Tahun Memulakan Pengajian di Poland:
Tahun Dijangka Graduasi (Graduation Year):
Adakah di bawah tajaan atau persendirian? :
Jika tajaan, nyatakan penaja: -