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Diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Ukraine was established in 1992 to facilitate among others economic, trade and cultural relations between the two countries. Prior to the establishment of the Embassy in Kiev, the Ambassador of Malaysia based in Warsaw was concurrently accredited to Ukraine. In September 2004, Malaysia upgraded its representation in Ukraine with the appointment of resident Ambassador in Kiev. Since the establishment of the Embassy in Kiev, bilateral relations between Malaysia and Ukraine have been warm and cordial. At present, bilateral relations are dominated by issues on education, defence, trade, tourism and consular affairs. 


Current and Past Ambassadors of Malaysia to Ukraine (presentation of credentials)


1. H.E. Dato' Raja Reza Raja Zaib Shah (21 September 2018)

2. H.E. Datuk Ayauf Bachi (14 June 2016)

3. H.E. Chuah Teong Ban (6 April 2011)

4. H.E. Dato' Abdullah Sani Omar (30 January 2008)

5. H.E. Aminathun Karim Shaharuddin (18 November 2004)

6. H.E. Dato' Mohd Daud Yusoff (30 April 2004)*

7. H.E. Dato' Ng Bak Hai (24 October 2000)*

8. H.E. Dato' Muhammad Noh (8 April 1997)*

9. H.E. Dato' Abd Rahman Abd Rahim (22 February 1995)*


*Based in Warsaw, Poland and concurrently accredited to Ukraine)