Visa Requirement Visa Requirement





1.         Two (2) copies of visa forms to be filled and signed – MUST BE TYPED

·                     Visa application forms can be downloaded from (


2.         Two (2) passport size photographs (white background)


3.         Two (2) copies of Emirates ID (applicant / representative)


4.         Original passport and copy of passport with the UAE residency visa page from applicants / sponsor (for individuals / family members)


5.         Bank statement (2 / 3 months)


6.         Letter of “No Objection” from Company / Sponsor (for individuals / family members)

·                     Applicants who are self-employed / operating own business may produce a copy of trade license.


7.         Confirmed hotel booking in Malaysia


·                     If staying at relatives / friends’ house in Malaysia requires following documents:


Letter of Invitation to stay (addressed to the Consulate General of Malaysia, Dubai) from relative / friend / sponsor of the Applicant indicating full address in Malaysia


8.         Copy of flight itinerary showing confirmed return ticket.


9.         Visa applications shall be processed within two (2) working days.


10.        Visa applications should be done via One Stop Centre (OSC). For further details please click


11.        Alternatively, Online visa application is also available for Nationals below:-   


a)     China

b)    India

c)     Sri Lanka

d)    Nepal

e)     Myanmar

f)     Bangladesh

g)    Pakistan

h)     Bhutan

i)      Serbia

j)      Montenegro


Except India, all 9 nationalities can apply only for single entry visa. Indians can apply for multiple entry visas. Please click


Visa Fees


Indian Nationals            :           Single entry is AED 65 & Multiple Entry is AED 130

Other Nationals            :           Single entry is AED 25 & Multiple Entry is AED 50


Submission hours         :           8.30am – 11.00 am (Sunday to Thursday)

Collection hours            :           1.30pm – 2.30pm (Sunday to Thursday) or the next working day



Note     :           All passports / travel documents must be valid for more than 6 months from the

date of entry into Malaysia