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Country Without Visa VWTR VWR
On Arrival Extension On Arrival Extension On Arrival Extension
  Austria (Vienna) 3 mths 2 mths 3 mths 2 mths 3 mths 3 mths
  ** VWTR

- Visa Without Reference (Visa is issued by Malaysian mission in the respective country)


- Visa With Reference (Visa is approved by the Immigration Department)



All Afghanistan's passport holders are required to apply for VISA WITH REFERENCE, which will be forwarded through Malaysian Embassies / High Commissions abroad before they are allowed to enter Malaysia.



A fee of RM20.00 is charge for a visa. Diplomatic/Official Passport holders are  exempted (GRATIS).



Visitors are allowed two (2) months stay from arrival date.

Note * :


All Visitors MUST ENTER Malaysia through Airports only.


Visitors MUST obtain Visa Without Reference or Visa With Reference at the nearest Malaysian Embassies / Consulates before entering Malaysia.


Exemption of visa is given to nationals of African countries as listed in Para 3.1 above, who visits Malaysia under the sponsorship of the Government or as a guest of the Government. The period of stay approved will be based on the period required to achieve the purpose of the visit as a government sponsored visitor or guest. Proof of sponsorship or invitation as a guest of the Government should be produced to the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.


i- Conditions for  Visa Without Reference (VWTR):



Posses confirm air ticket back to country of origin or current residing country or posses visa and confirm air ticket to country of onward destination.



Visitors will be given a maximum 14 days stay with no extension allowed or much shorter period of stay for those who are on transit before continuing their onward journey.


ii- Conditions for Visa With Reference (VWR):



This visa is issued for those traveling on business or investment only.



Trip MUST be sponsored by a local high level individual or a local business company which invites them to Malaysia (the sponsoring company need to be well established and is required to submit copies of Form 9, 24 and 49 to the Immigration Department of Malaysia).



The sponsor MUST deposit RM 2000.00 per person to the Immigration Department of Malaysia as a security deposit.



Visitors will be given a maximum 30 days of stay with no extension allowed.





Extension of Social/Business pass is not allowed unless approved by the Director General or Deputy Director General of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.